Simone Cantarini (nicknamed Pesarese; Cantarini; 1612-1648) was an Italian painter.

First, under the influence of the Venetians, and then became a disciple of Guido Reni in Bologna, where he eventually founded his own school. He lived and worked, except for Bologna, in Rome, Mantua and Verona. His paintings skilful drawing, but lack of harmony in the transition from tone to tone and cold in color.

Its main works:

"Taking the virgin into heaven" (in the Bologna Pinacoteca), "Transfiguration" (in the Milan gallery Brera), "Joseph and the wife of Interia" (in Dresden) and others in Vienna and Munich.

The Hermitage holds his "Holy Family" (No. 196). Cantarini also known as engraver; 37 his prints, executed in the manner of Guido Reni, different skill of drawing and diligence of execution.

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