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France • 1893−1943

Rodilsya in Smilovichi near Minsk (now Belarus), in a poor Jewish family. The future artist's father was a tailor (according to other sources, the synagogue servant). From early childhood he showed love to drawing and painting


1907-to free themselves from the influence of the family (parents did not share the opinion about the future career of the artist's son) and do not change their vocation, Chaim flees from the house in Minsk. There he attended lectures picture of kreger - artist known only in narrow circles


1910-the artist and his friend Kikoin travel to Vilna, where are recorded in the School of fine arts. The future artists dream is to see Paris


June 1913-Soutine arrives in Paris, where is written in the Studio's Studio in the Academy of fine arts. However, he quickly changed too "academic" Academy for visiting the Louvre Museum, which is becoming a real University. Here he studied recognized classics of painting, Greek and Egyptian sculpture, paintings by Goya, El Greco, Tintoretto, Jean Fouquet, Rembrandt, Corot and Chardin. Of his contemporaries, he values most Courbet and Cezanne. Soutine was interested in music and literature. Among his favorite authors were Montaigne, Racine, Seneca, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Balzac and Rimbaud, among composers - Bach and Mozart. The first years in Paris, the artist lives in poverty. Before you move on a Sieve Falger in the fifteenth district of Paris, the artist lives and works in "La Ruche", "the Hive", international hostel poor artists on the left Bank of the Seine, which was created in 1902 by the sculptor Alfred Boucher. Here, he meets with Marc Chagall, Fernand Leger, Robert Delaunay, by the sculptor Constantin Brancusi, Osip Zadkine, Henri Laurent, Jacques Lipchitz and Alexander Archipenko. He will meet, first of all, Modigliani, with which it will connect the strong, but short friendship (because of premature death of the last)


1918-moved to the South of France (Vence, Kan-sur-Mer and Brimstone, where the remains almost seven years. It impresses with the beauty of local landscapes; three years working at a furious pace


1922-brings in Paris about two hundred works. American collector albert Barnes buys artist approximately fifty works. Next year the art dealers Leopold Zborowski sells a lot of Soutine paintings. 10 years after his arrival in Paris he gets out of poverty and spends all that earns


1925-after years spent in the South of France, he returned to Paris, where enters in a spacious Studio on the street Mont Saint Gotar, near the place Denfert-Rochereau. It was here that he will perform a series of bovine carcasses and many still life with fish and bird


1927-the first personal exhibition Soutine in one of the Parisian galleries; meets Marcelina and Madeleine Kasten that after Zborowski will take custody of the artist


1929-acquainted with the art historian Elie Faure, who will write the first monograph on his work


1935-the artist's works are exhibited for the first time in the USA in the framework of collective exposition in Chicago


1937-the exhibition of 12 paintings in the State Museum of the Petit Palais in Paris in the framework of the collective exhibition "Masters of independent art 1895-1937". Meets Gerdau Grotto, a German, who is hiding from the Nazi regime; it would be his girlfriend of three years


In 1939, he went to Jon


1941-after failing to qualify for entry into the United States is covered in Champigny/


1943 - Chaim Soutine died in Paris.

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