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Biography and information

German painter of perspective views.

Attended classes at the düsseldorf Academy, were perfected later in Paris and Italy. Made in the years 1870−1871 a trip to Spain, Portugal and the Northern coast of Africa, and in 1873−1874 years traveled to the East, and everywhere making sketches. The works of this artist, especially the paintings of the Arab and Moorish buildings, differ a great variety of points of view, a well seasoned perspective, correct lighting and colors; their interest, in most cases, it increases the scenic successfully conceived and well-written pieces.

The most important of these works — "Interior view of the Byzantine Church" (1862), "the Motive of St. Mark’s Cathedral, Venice", "Bresternica", in the same Cathedral, "the Lion court in the Alhambra", "Arabian yard in Cairo" (1876, in the Berlin national gallery), "round-Robin chorus Halberstadts the Cathedral" (the best of the artist’s works) and "Egyptian harem" (also particularly good is his work).

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Adolf Zel. Alhambra
35×55 cm
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