France • 1849−1906

French painter and graphic artist. He was born in Gournay railway station (Department of Seine and Marne). He was married to Sophie Democko, had seven children.

A feature of the style is intentional poverty of the palette, which the artist reduced to a few shades of gray. A sharp separation patterns on the plans, is also the hallmark of the paintings of eugène Carriere.

A French artist. A child enrolled in Carriere students to the lithographer in Strasbourg (1864-1867), and then in Saint-Quentin (1868). Under the impression of pastel compositions Latour, and then the works of Rubens in the Louvre (1869) he entered the School of fine arts, where he studied in the Studio Cabanela. After a stay in Dresden prison in 1870 and in 1871 he declares his socialist views in lithography, dedicated to the suppression of the Commune ("human Rights"). In 1872-1873 he works for cher, and then, after his marriage, lives in London (1877 - 1878), where discovers the work of Turner. It is supported by the socialist and symbolist circles (lithograph portraits of J. Dolena and Verlaine). Together with Rodin and Puvis de Savanna carrier founds the NAT. fine arts society (1890) and opens the interior of the new art (1896). Creativity Carriera dedicated to the memories of friendship, childhood, maternal love, starting with 1879 ("Motherhood", Avignon Museum). He wrote chamber compositions ("Elder sister", Paris, musée d'orsay) and living portraits in shades of brown in their sinuous lines more salient features of Art Nouveau ("Portrait of Mr. Davie", 1887; "Portrait of E. de Goncourt", CA. 1892, PONTOISE, musée; "Meditation", CA. 1900, Strasbourg, musée des Beaux-arts). He also owns variations on the theme of "the Crucifixion", exquisite still lifes and a few Nudes and landscapes (Paris, musée d'orsay). Free workshop, open Carrera in 1898 - 1903, was attended by Matisse, Derain, Puy, Laprad. In 1904 Carriere was the first President of the Autumn salon. A wonderful collection of paintings of the artist

located in Paris ' Orsay Museum (in 1981 it was supplemented by the gift of Ivan Loiseau) and the Strasbourg Museum of fine arts.

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