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Nikolayevich Makov
born in 1958
Biography and information

Schedule. B. August 28, 1958, in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. Graduated from the Crimean art College im. N. Samokish (1974−79) and hhpi (1979−84), where he studied with I. Krivoruchko, V. Kulikov. HO member of the CFS since 1988, the Royal society of painters and graphic artists (Velikobritaniya) since 1994. The participant of Republican, all-Ukrainian, all-Union, international and foreign exhibitions since 1988. Solo exhibitions: Munich (Germany) -1994; Kiev — 1996−98; Moscow -1996. Working in a creative workshop.

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    Pavel Nikolayevich Makov. Self Portrait with a Swallow
    Pavel Nikolayevich Makov. Chervony landscape
    Pavel Nikolayevich Makov. Morning, ficus, swallows
    Pavel Nikolayevich Makov. Evening
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    2013, 161×63 cm
    2013, 162×63 cm
    2007, 190×110 cm
    2012, 312×312 cm
    2009, 230×230 cm
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