Van Dongen


Kees van Dongen (niderl. Kees van Dongen is a niderl. Cornelis Theodorus Maria van Dongen; January 26, 1877, near Rotterdam Delfshaven — may 28, 1968, Monte Carlo), was a Dutch painter, one of the founders of Fauvism.

In 1892-1897 studied at the Royal Academy of fine arts in Rotterdam; from this period in the work of van Dongen left numerous sketches of scenes of sailors and prostitutes, made by the artist in the urban red light district.

In 1899, van Dongen lived in Paris, participating in various exhibitions, including the famous Autumn salon of 1905 He also drew cartoons for the Paris newspaper "Revue Blanche".

In 1929 van Dongen received French citizenship. His later work (including, in particular, a portrait of Brigitte Bardot 1958) enjoyed commercial success, but few made mention of the eroticism and bright colors start to his career.

Six works by van Dongen are in the State Hermitage.

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