Netherlands • 1564−1651

Abraham Bloemaert (niderl. Abraham Bloemaert) (December 25, 1564, Gorinchem, the Netherlands — 27 January 1651, Utrecht), was a Dutch painter.

Father Abraham Blumart — the sculptor and architect Cornelis Bloemaert.

Bloemaert studied at Utrecht and Paris, and in 1597 became a citizen of Amsterdam from 1611 he worked in Utrecht, where presumably lived until his death.

Most of the surviving paintings Blumert is stored in the Museum of fine art San Francisco art galleries of Berlin and the Louvre.


Born on 25 Dec 1564 in Goreme. He studied at the Gerrit Splinter in Utrecht and of Joost de beer, and then from 1581 to 1584 in Paris with Jean basso, Harry and Hieronymous Franken. Subsequently, he returned to Utrecht and became a member of the Guild of St. Luke, and then its Dean (1611-1628).

Worked in a variety of genres, from religious painting to still life, and was very famous. Bloemaert had a great influence on the development of Dutch painting. Among his numerous disciples Yan Boat with his brother Andries, Jacob of the Cape, his son albert Cuyp, Jan Baptist Venix and Nikolaus Knupfer.

Combining in his work the tradition of the Dutch and Flemish schools of painting, he wrote of paintings on historical themes, portraits, genre scenes and landscapes.

Numerous engravings and woodcuts, created based on his works reflect the artistic aspirations of the artist. Manner of work of the artist with a color reminiscent of the work of the Mannerists of the sixteenth century.

Among the works of the painter - "the Annunciation", "Christmas", "portrait", "penitent Magdalene", "Hippoman, koronuemoy in the arena", "Wedding of Peleus," the "Resurrection of Lazarus", "mercury and Argus", "the Martyrdom of St. Andrew" (Caravaggio), "the Second dream of Joseph", "Saints Peter and Paul", "Niobe", "Venus and Adonis", "Hercules and omfala", "Exodus of the Jews from Egypt" and "St. Villebro, Bishop of Utrecht".

Bloemaert died in Utrecht on 27 January 1651.

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