Hendrik Cornelis

Netherlands • 1566−1640

The Dutch painter. Came from a family of the sculptor, before leaving his father's house, spent his youth in poverty and wandering. Moonlighting-painted earthenware, traveled to Flanders, Spain, Italy and France. Returning to Haarlem, he married, moved to Danzig, where his uncle, the architect of the city, learned the laws of perspective. He was influenced by Adam Elsheimer and Solomon van rasdale. From 1635 — member of the painters ' Guild in Haarlem. The first master of the sea landscape in the Netherlands. Started to write pictures of sea and ships traveling through Spain and Portugal, and then successfully continued in the Netherlands. Being the known artist, doing the cartoons for the tapestries depicting ships.


From gravitated to the Marina development with a specific illustrative story. In early works he wrote large canvases depicting sea battles. Especially interesting are those that have been associated with a specific historical event, such as battleship (Innsbruck, Tyrolean Museum Fernandes), where, apparently, sealed the defeat of the English fleet of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Vroma manner was distinguished by extreme care in the transmission of the details and features of warships and yet striking beauty that glorifies the drama of the battle scenes.


Bromo owned and the first parade marine subjects, dedicated to festive events taking place on the background of different cities (Arrival of Frederick V of the Palatinate and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of king of England James I, at Vlissingen in 1613, 1623, Haarlem, Frans Hals Museum; View of Delft from the North, the Delft town hall; View of Alkmaar from the East, Alkmaar, the Mountains. Museum). The paintings had an official character and were intended for the decoration of the town hall. And the panoramic compositions (the Sailing ship of the East India company from Margina, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum), and small paintings on copper plates From showed the skills of a professional marine painter (attribution of two marine landscapes on copper plates from the Museum-reserve in Peterhof belongs to Yu. a. Tarasov).


Brom played a significant role in the history of the Dutch Marina. Karel van Mander wrote that From "is not only able to convey a kind of well-built ships, their equipment, armament, sail, sails and all sorts of accessories, but he's excellent in everything else as the background, landscape, rocks, trees, sky, water, waves, castles, cities, fish and other items that comprise the accessories of his ship paintings and decoration of their employees".

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