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Mikhailovich Yakubek

Ukraine • born in 1923

The only Volyn artist, awarded the order "For merits of III degree".

Karel Jakubec was born in Uzhgorod. One of his first teachers was a talented artist Michael Rosenberg. Further artistic improvement he got the "Free Academy of arts" town of Bai Mare, Romania, and soon at the Budapest Academy of arts.

Genre range of the artist are portraits, landscapes, compositions. Although, as noted by the art, landscape art became the key to the completion of the master: the mountain panoramic scenery, warmed by the presence of the person transmitted a broad coloristic palette, with masterly technique image.

Karel Jakubec in 1964 he moved to Lutsk, and from that time his life and career is inextricably linked with the regional center of Volyn.

1923 10.12-born in Uzhgorod, Transcarpathian region. Ukraine.

1943-1944 -he studied at the art school Baia Mare.Romania.

1945-1946 -he studied at Uzhgorod art-industrial school.

1964-Member of the artists Union of the USSR.

1999 - awarded pochetnoe the title of Honored artist of Ukraine

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