United States • 1893−1959

Georg Ehrenfried gross (it. Georg Ehrenfried Groß, July 26, 1893, Berlin — July 6, 1959), also known as George Gros (it. George Grosz) German painter, graphic artist and cartoonist.

He studied art in Dresden and Berlin. In 1912-1913 was in Paris, met with the new art, discovered graphics Daumier and Toulouse-Lautrec. In 1914 joined the German army as a volunteer, was admitted to hospital in 1915 and demobilized, released from military service in 1917. Inclinations and habits were dandy, adventurer, man-about-town. In 1916 changed the name of romantic love for America that I knew on the novels of James Fenimore Cooper[source not specified 357 days] (his friend and collaborator Helmut Herzfeld, he took the pseudonym John heartfield, which later became famous as a master of satirical photomontage). In 1918 Grosz was one of the founders of the Berlin group of Dadaists. Participated in the uprising of spartakists 1919, he was arrested, but managed to escape prison using phony documents. In 1919 joined the Communist party of Germany, in 1922 he came out of the ranks after a visit to Moscow and meeting there with Lenin and Trotsky. Drew for the satirical magazine "Simplicissimus", illustrated novel of Alphonse Daudet "the adventures Tartarin of Tarascon" (1921), acted as the set designer. In 1921 he was accused of insulting the German army, it imposed a fine series of his satirical drawings of "God With us" was the verdict of the court is destroyed. In 1924-1925 and 1927 he again lived in Paris. In 1932 he moved to the United States, 1933-1955, he taught in new York, in 1938, became an American citizen. In Nazi Germany, his work was ranked as "degenerative art". Gros has published an autobiography "a Little Yes and big no" (1946). In the 1950s, he was discovered at home private art school and in 1954 was elected to the American Academy of arts and letters. In 1959, the artist returned to Berlin. Was found dead on the doorstep after a stormy night.

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