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Hans Arp
Germany 1886−1966
Biography and information

Hans ARP (Jean ARP; it. Hans Arp, FR. Jean Arp 16 September 1886, Strasbourg — 7 June, 1966, Basel) — German and French poet, painter, graphic artist and sculptor.

Father was a German from Kiel, the mother a native of Alsace. ARP studied at the Strasbourg school of arts and crafts, in 1908 — at the académie Julian in Paris. In 1912 he met in Munich with Kandinsky, worked on the expressionist almanac "the Blue rider". He began publishing as a poet. In 1914 in Cologne became acquainted with max Ernst, in the same year met in Paris, Apollinaire, Picasso, Modigliani, Sonia and Robert Delaunay. In 1915 in Zurich became one of the founders of Dadaism. Have illustrious the books of others, Tristan Tzara, Benjamin Péret, Richard Hulsenbeck. In 1917 he began to study sculpture. In 1920 he met in Berlin with Lissitzky and Kurt Schwitters. In 1924 moved to Paris, met with Mondrian. Entered the circle of the Surrealists, was close to abstractionism. 1925 together with his wife, the artist Sophie Tauber, settled in the town of Clamart, at the border Medansky forests, South-West of Paris. Wrote the screenplay of the film by Hans Richter "as the Day" (1929, in one of the roles starred by Sergei Eisenstein). In 1940−1946 gg, fleeing the Nazis, lived in Switzerland, then again in Clamart. In 1959 settled in the United Solduno under Locarno.

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