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born in XX century
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Bernard buffet (FR. Bernard Buffet; June 10, 1928, Paris — November 4, 1999, Tourtour is a French artist widely recognized for twenty years for his work, bearing gloomy and melancholic mood and reflecting the atmosphere prevailed after world war II. Known for its distinct style narisovana. Was close to neo-realist tendencies, however, criticism is often attributed it to miserabilism — buffet in these years was the key figure of this stream .

Bernard buffet was born in Paris, where he studied art at the School of fine arts (It Nationale Superior des Beaux-Arts, 1943−1945).

With the support of the picture-dealer Maurice Garnier (Garnier Maurice), Bernard buffet has worked continuously creating religious paintings, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. Annually held at least one of his main exhibition until the suicide 4 October 1999 at his home in Tourtour in the South of France. At the age of 71 years buffet, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was no longer able to work the way he wanted. The police claimed that byuffe died about 4 o’clock in the evening, wearing on his head in a plastic bag and secure it with tape around the neck.

Bernard buffet was married to writer and singer Annabel byuffe (FR. Annabel Buffet).

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Bernard Buffet. Blue Primroses
Blue Primroses
Bernard Buffet
3.8×4.6 cm
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Bernard Buffet. Villa in Normandy
Villa in Normandy
Bernard Buffet
1991-1991, 81×116 cm
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