Vallejo (Valeggio)

United States • born in 1941

Biography and information

Boris Vallejo (Boris Vallejo, born January 8, 1941 in Lima, Peru). Illustrator, works in the erotic fantasy genre.

Features of creativity: A master of extremely “realistic” fantasy drawings with plots traditional for this genre. The creator of the magnificently beautiful "fairy tales for adults": the beauty of the body, the struggle between Good and Evil and, of course, the unconditional victory of Good. In his paintings reigned naked muscular heroes and heroines, selflessly fighting and successfully destroying all sorts of monsters and monsters with the sword and magic. It creates the illusion of spatiality and gives the subjects maximum realism.

Work examples: “A world without meaning”, "Deterrence".

He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Peru. In 1964 he emigrated to the United States. Since his youth he has been engaged in bodybuilding and has been keen on fantastic literature.
The basis of the genre and style of his drawings made the principle "In the world there will always be sex and violence."
Lives and works in the USA. He is married to artist Julia Bell, working in the same style and co-author and model for Vallejo's paintings.