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United States 
born in 1941
Biography and information

Bruce Nauman (eng. Bruce Nauman born. 6 Dec 1941 Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA) is an American contemporary artist and sculptor and conceptualist.

Bruce Nauman studied art and physics and mathematics at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1960 and 1964. In 1964, goes to the University of California and finishes it off in 1966 as master of arts. Then teaches at the art Institute of San Francisco and is collaborating with artist Wayne Thiebaud. In the late 60-ies of XX century, moving from painting to sculpture, film and performance. At the same time continued teaching at various universities in the USA. In 1989 he moved to new Mexico, where the artist today lives and works.

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Fountains are always attractive. Such hydraulic units were of special importance for ancient people, Asian and Mediterranean civilizations. Both the rich and the poor needed water and looked for it. Painters did not neglect the decorated source of water and it took its own place among the graphic codes. Let's try to decypher this secret symbol of the past and its transformations. So, meet a…

Tata Yakunina
, January 15, 2015 07:58 AM 0
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Bruce Nauman. Eat War
Eat War
Bruce Nauman
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Bruce Nauman. Eat War
Eat War
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