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United Kingdom 
born in XX century
Damien Hirst (June 7, 1965, Bristol, UK) the one who refutes the premise that talent should be hungry. Today, through his paintings and art objects (but more often fascinating and provocative installations), Damien earned multi-million dollar fortune. Some sources report that in 2010 the wealth of the Creator was 215 million pounds. The work of Damien Hirst maddening picky critics are causing a stir among collectors and mixed reviews from the critics. But that does not stop the artist to continue to create in her unique style.

Features of works of the artist Damien Hirst: death and butterflies fill the installations of the Creator, at that time, the painting glows with cheerfulness and conveys the optimism of nature. To confuse the artist's work from someone's else hard feature his creations, he made the colored circles and spots. And since each colored spot is unique – is not the same in form and color – the artist goes beyond standard art stamps, does not cling to his balance and waved his hand at the traditional understanding of harmony. Works by Damien Hirst – a brilliant and enthralling in itself, the chaos to which even an adult will watch as a kid in the kaleidoscope. The magic of Damien Hirst cannot be assessed unambiguously – it only needs to see with their own eyes.

Known for installations and paintings by Damien Hirst: "The physical impossibility of death in consciousness living", "Divided mother and child", "For the love of God"series of paintings "Spot", "Rotation", "Butterfly"and "Kaleidoscopes".

Damien Hirst: how it all began

Damien was born in the British city of Bristol, but he remembers little from his childhood: at a very early age the future of the Creator, the family moved to Leeds, where Hirst and spent his childhood and teenage years. Creative flair boy inherited from his mother, who was an artist-Amateur. His father was far from creativity – all his attention was occupied by cars that were repaired, as a mechanic, and sold. He soon left the family.

Mother of Damien Hirst, the owner of a fine nature and gentle disposition, could not cope with raising a son: the future genius was always running into bad company, was caught shoplifting and theft in General led a rowdy lifestyle. However, that didn't stop Damien to follow her calling, he enrolled in art school in Leeds, where he received his first art lessons. This was followed two financially difficult years, when Hearst had to work as a labourer on the London construction sites. Then the numerous attempts to go in various art colleges, and, finally, the future genius had stayed in College "goldsmith" (Goldsmith), where they received their education from 1986 to 1989.

It was not a mere educational institution. In those days, College was considered a kind of pioneer of art education. His teacher practiced an innovative system of learning in which students were not required mandatory skills to draw or paint with oils. The most important thing was really to burn your business and to be prepared to devote most of his time. Damien Hirst was exactly the kind of person, so very soon joined the friendly team of people truly obsessed with art. Today, the model of education proposed by Goldsmith's popular all across the globe.

During College, Damien Hirst has picked a favorite place to find inspiration: the future the master searched for him... the morgue. Therefore, the theme of death, so fascinated Hirst, still shows through in his work.

Why are installations and paintings by Damien Hirst are causing?

In 1988, Damien tried himself in the role of curator of the famous art expositions Freezе in London, where he presented his work to 17 students of his "Alma mater". The preparation of the exhibition, selection of participants and the layout of the catalog Hurst also worked independently. On his shoulders lay all organizational issues. Among the many works were presented and the creation of the young artist – an installation of cardboard boxes, painted with paints.

At the end of the exhibition, Hirst came to the famous collector Charles Saatchi, has expressed his recognition and said that it works by Damien Hirst produced in it the greatest impression. Thus began many years of collaboration between artist and well-known philanthropist. Saatchi has allocated a lot of funds for the creation of many famous works by Hirst, including on a live shark in the installation "The physical impossibility of death in consciousness living". In 2004, fish was sold for six and a half million pounds to collector Steve Cohen.

Terrible, yet truthful and ideological installation "Mother and Child Divided" – the bodies of the cow and calf in tanks of formaldehyde has brought Damien Hirst recognition in 1993, when the master presented it at the festival Biennale.

One of the newest projects of the artist who impressed all who have at least little bit involved in the arts – a kind of sculpture, called "For the love of God". This is the human skull natural size, made of platinum. That's just the teeth in it – a real human jaw. The sculpture is decorated with diamonds weighing 1100 carats (8061), in the center of the forehead burns bright "star" – pale pink diamond at 52.4 carat brilliant cut. For this sculpture the artist received 50 million pounds.

With all the solemn gloom of installations, paintings by Damien Hirst are brightness, originality and fun. They make a fabulous and dreamy mood. Sometimes they even decorate the baby room. But in fact, in his paintings through the themes of death, however, carefully veiled and presented in optimistic tones. Here the most famous paintings and the collection of Damien Hirst:

● "Rotation" – if abstract expressionism was the standard, this series of paintings could be counted among those to. To create this painting, Hirst simply pouring or dripping paint onto a rotating canvas, the result is a totally unique image.
● "Spots" – Damien Hirst is not an advocate of drugs. However, some works from this series called brightly, in honor of the stimulating or hallucinogenic substances – "Diamorphine", "Aprotinin", "Zomepirac". They look like a grid of circles of approximately the same size, however the colors are quite unique.
● "Butterfly"series of assemblages, or if you want to – creepy applications. To create them, the artist Damien Hirst uses the freshly painted canvas and dead butterflies. The canvas is plain and butterflies – colorful and multicolored.
● "Kaleidoscope" – the artist creates a kaleidoscopic pattern of closely located to each other butterflies.

It is noteworthy that in 2012, Hirst showered with a barrage of accusations and complaints from various animal welfare societies. It was the fact that the installation "to Fall in love and fall out of love" (In and out of Love) we used the butterflies that were alive, and dying gradually in the course of the event. 9000 pieces of exotic beauties fell victim to art, which sometimes is not devoid of cynicism and cruelty.

So, Damien Hirst – a scandalous figure of modernity, not devoid of recognition. His work goosebumps – but these creeps are key to its success. Installations and paintings by Damien Hirst are snapped up by wealthy collectors, but the Creator himself goes on various cities of the world with his exhibitions to surprise, to excite imagination, to ward off, and... delight.
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