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Mariya Moiseenko
Maria Moiseenko
Ukraine born in 1978 artist
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Biography and information
Training in art school art school in Kyiv from 1993 to 1996, teaching at the art Academy from 1996 по2002 year in the workshops of the Leader of the D. and R. Adamovich (faculty of painting workshops of theatre and cinema).The work of the artist monumentalist (scenic wall painting (acrylic, oil), work in advertising designer (2007−2010), working as art Director from 2002 to 2014.
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About me
Пишу в разных стилях на заказ.Стиль основных произведений ближе всего к импрессионизму и соцреализму.Люблю писать картины связанные со стульями,пейзажи,сюжетную


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