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United Kingdom 
born in 1974
Biography and information
Banksy (English Banksy, 1974 (?), Bristol, UK) — the world-famous English street artist, who for more than 20 years has managed to maintain anonymity, despite the fact that his works are sold for millions. His real name is the subject of a dozen conspiracy theories. But it is generally accepted that Banksy was born around 1974 in Bristol. According to Will Simpson, a member of the Easton Cowboys football club, the artist was a goalkeeper for this team in the 1990s and early 2000s. Banksy began his career as a member of the Bristol group of street artists called DryBreadZ (DBZ).

According to one of the most common versions, behind the pseudonym of Banksy, musician Robert Del Naya, a member of the group Massive Attack and also a street artist who worked under the pseudonym 3D, hides. Proponents of this theory draw attention to the fact that the dates for the emergence of new works by Banksy around the world suspiciously coincide with the musical group’s tour route. In addition, in June 2017, Goldie rapper in an interview accidentally let it slip, calling the artist Rob. However, it is believed that he had in mind Robin Gunningham, who is Banksy, as his former classmates and friends from Bristol assert. And, according to another common version, a group of artists is hiding behind the pseudonym of the elusive British.

Features of the artist Banksy: He began to draw on the streets of Bristol as a usual "writer." But then, along with other street artists, Banksy transformed graffiti into what can truly be called "street art" - drawings that tell stories, carry encrypted messages and important messages. This street art is also called "partisan" or "post-graffiti." It criticizes military conflicts, corporations and governments of different countries, draws attention to the painful social, political and environmental issues that many people prefer to turn a blind eye.

At the beginning of his artistic career, Banksy drew "by hand", but after one day he was nearly caught by the police, he began to work with stencils, which greatly simplify and speed up the process of drawing a picture. His "corporate identity" is black and white images, most often with one or more bright color elements that attract attention. Banksy promptly reacts to events in the world and usually creates new works on topical issues.

The famous works of Banksy: "Kissing Constables","Mona Lisa with Bazooka","There is always hope","I do not believe in global warming","Follow your dreams (Canceled)".

Author: Evgeny Sidelnikov.
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В архивном интервью телеканалу ITV London, снятом в 2003 году, обнаружили предположительно настоящее лицо Бэнкси. Точнее, его глаза. Остальную часть лица художника скрывала футболка. После беседы с журналистом он рисует на камеру несколько картин, авторство которых было впоследствии приписано Бэнкси. Еще один факт в доказательство того, что за таинственным образом уличного художника скрывается музыкант Роберт Дель Ная, один из основателей британской группы Massive Attack: уж очень выдающаяся форма бровей роднит его с героем архивной телезаписи.
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На прошлой неделе, когда Венецианская биеннале была открыта для публики, арт-СМИ взбудоражила информация о том, что в городе находится таинственный британский уличный художник Бэнкси . На одной из городских стен он оставил рисунок ребёнка-мигранта в спасательном жилете.
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