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Василий Вячеславович Кротков
 Вячеславович Кротков
Russia born in 1959 artist, collector
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Biography and information
Krotkov Vassily V. was born in 1959.
Lives and works in Moscow.
Engaged in painting.
In his work adheres to the avant-garde promoting such artistic direction as the Russian Cubo-futurism and cubism.
Also with deep respect for the realistic school of painting.
Participant of the exhibition — "Collection only". The exhibition, which is December 20, will start in Pskov, will continue in St. Petersburg and finishes in Moscow. This is the first exhibition within the project "Window into the Art of Russia".
2015. "ArtNow" painting Exhibition. Central house of artists Krymsky Val 10.
2016 painting Exhibition "Moscow Plus." Central house of artists Krymsky Val 10.
2016 Solo exhibition, "Cubo-futurism. Back to the future" in the Art space "КвАРТира10", Моховая10/2.
2016 Exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of M. A. Bulgakov. Cultural centre "Khitrovka".
2016, the Winner of the creative contest held by the Moscow state Museum of M. A. Bulgakov to the 125th anniversary of the writer (July 2016).
2016 Winner (2nd place) in the international Internet-competition of artists "My countries."
2016, November. Personal exhibition "the Fourth dimension" in Art space "КвАРТира10", Моховая10/2.
2016 winner of the "Romantic rain", conducted by online galleries and
2016 Dec. Personal exhibition "Pottery square" and the Art center House of artists. Moscow, Goncharnaya St 38
2017 Jan. Collective exhibition "Urban experience" in the Moscow city Duma
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About me
Родился в 1959 году. Живет и работает в Москве. Занимается живописью. Призвание – свободный художник. В своем творчестве придерживается авангардного стиля,
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Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Ludwig Wittgenstein. Post-cubofuturism
345 000 ₽
Ludwig Wittgenstein. Post-cubofuturism
Василий Вячеславович Кротков
2019, 8×7 cm
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Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Flask. Kubofuturizm
Flask. Kubofuturizm
2013, 70×60 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Bouquet. Kubofuturizm
Bouquet. Kubofuturizm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Bruges. Kubofuturizm
300 000 ₽
Bruges. Kubofuturizm
2012, 60×50 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Arba. Kubofuturizm
345 000 ₽
Arba. Kubofuturizm
2014, 70×70 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Coffee. Kubofuturizm
Coffee. Kubofuturizm
2014, 60×50 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Charon. Kubofuturizm
Charon. Kubofuturizm
2014, 80×80 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Bassist. Kubofuturizm
345 000 ₽
Bassist. Kubofuturizm
2013, 50×90 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Copper kettle. Kubofuturizm
300 000 ₽
Copper kettle. Kubofuturizm
2014, 60×50 cm
Василий Вячеславович Кротков. Donbass. Kubofuturizm
345 000 ₽
Donbass. Kubofuturizm
2014, 80×60 cm
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