Alexandrovna Dubinin

born in 1960 • artist, collector

Biography and information

Dubinina S. A. (26-08-1960) - was born in the city of Astrakhan. In 1963, together with his family moved to the village Novki, Vladimir region. 1982 and lives in Kovrov. In 1980 he graduated from the Vladimir art school. In 1986 - the Moscow pedagogical Institute (mgzpi), art-graphic Department.

Artist field-associative forms of thought Svetlana Dubinina peculiar intimate interpretation of reality, the pursuit of high style, romantic elation. Her lyricism is not intended to be expanded to a universal scale. The most important question that Svetlana would like to find the answer, the question of human happiness. She is convinced that creativity is a mystery. She writes quite real objects: flowers, grass, trees, faces, but examines them from the perspective of light and color nuances. Natural impulses and picturesque associations in the artist's work turn into plastic in a specific way. Overall, beautiful work Svetlana Dubinina diverse, multi-style, the dynamics of most of the paintings have quite often replaced by static, typical for artists naturalists. Humanized nature, connecting all living things, obviously, that's what it takes to find harmony and beauty.