Archilovna Givishvili

Georgia • born in 1957 • artist
I,Nino Arcelona, Givishvili,was born in Tbilisi(Georgia) in 1957. Graduated from the Georgian Polytechnic University(1977-1982)--faculty of Architecture. Worked: 1982-1992.--design Institute Rosgiproles---Lead architect; 1992 to 2011.--Belgosproekt---,Head of the 21st Creative Studio; 2003.--head.The architectural Department in Tbilisi. 2004-2006.--Chief Architect engineering firms Convoy. Member of the Unions of Architects and Artists of Georgia. The author of numerous author's projects, developed his own version of the development master Plan of Tbilisi. My biography is included in numerous bibliographical dictionaries,illuminated Georgian press,radio and television.
In 2011. awarded the title of Registered Architect of Georgia. Author of 4 personal exhibitions.
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