Spain • born in XX century

Biography and information

Luis Royo (Spanish. Luis Royo, b. May 20, 1954, Spain). Artist, designer, illustrator. Works in the genre of fantasy and fantasy, at the junction of symbolism and surrealism.

Features of creativity: Emphasizes the beauty and flexibility of the female body in the aggressive world, highlighting the play of light and shadow. Combines aesthetic eroticism with the entourage of weapons, blood, frightening mystical and fantastic creatures, alien landscapes. In later works, national motifs and symbolism were increasingly added. The artist himself describes the worlds of his paintings as “flesh, knife, sword, darkness, strange shadows, rage, a sense of closeness of a hopeless battle and death.” She considers Velazquez, Goya and Dali to be her teachers and inspirers.

Examples of pictures: "Expectation", "Alien Pets", "The seed will not germinate".

He was educated in Zaragoza at the School of Technical Design and the School of Applied Arts. One of the most popular and prolific authors in his genre. Illustrates books, comics, creates a design of printed products, has developed his deck of tarot cards. Winner of numerous awards and prizes, incl. “Wanderer” award in 2001, “Unicorn” in 2006, “Inkwell” in 2015