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Petrovich Sokolov
Biography and information
Pyotr Petrovich Sokolov (1821, St. Petersburg, — 2 (14) October 1899, ibid) — Russian painter and graphic artist, eldest son of Peter Sokolov Fedorovicha, also a watercolorist, was, in fact, a self-taught, as young men only a very short time he studied at the Imperial Academy of arts (1840−1843) under the guidance of his uncle, Karl Briullov. His specialty was image demotic and the soldier’s life, as well as hunting scenes, but sometimes he wrote and portraits.
Postcard with an illustration for the novel Dead souls — Chichikov in the house of the Box
With their watercolors, to a greater or lesser extent, wherein correct transfer of types of people and animals, skilful execution and harmony of colors, especially in the landscape part, very rarely was on annual academic and other General exhibitions, but in 1887 was satisfied of his works in St. Petersburg, private exhibition.
In 1877−1878, was at the headquarters of the Russian army operating in European Turkey, and was awarded the George cross for bravery.
In 1893, the Council converted the Academy of arts awarded him, in the preceding activities, the highest on its new Charter art the title of academician.
Like his best works must point to the illustration of "Notes of a hunter" by Turgenev and Nekrasov poems (some of them published in the form of albums), to watercolor painting "Horse fair" (in the Tretyakov, Galereya in Moscow) and the portrait of the writer S. Terpigorev (in the Museum of. Alexander III, in St. Petersburg).
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Petr Petrovich Sokolov. The "Troika" of 1866 42,3х30,7
Petr Petrovich Sokolov. "Skirmish with Cossacks the Bashi-bazouks" 1877-1878
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Petr Petrovich Sokolov. "The carriage," charcoal
Petr Petrovich Sokolov. "Russian hunter-fishers. In the swamp"
Petr Petrovich Sokolov. "The postman" 1860
Petr Petrovich Sokolov. "Hunting scene" 1869
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