France • Paris • 1758−1823
Pierre Paul Prudon (FR. Prud'hon, Pierre Paul, 1758-1823), French painter and graphic artist.
Pierre Prudon was born on 4 APR 1758 in the small town of Cluny (South Burgundy, France) and was the ninth son of the family of a stonecutter. He later took a more aristocratic pseudonym Pierre-Paul Prudhon.
In 1773, came to Dijon, where he enrolled in Art school, headed by Francois Devaram, who introduced him to the work of the artist Jean-Baptiste Greuze and sculptor Edme of my mother ill. Both masters have played a role in shaping the young artist.
In 1780-1783 he continued studies in Paris, at the Royal Academy of painting and sculpture.
In 1784 he received the Roman prize (Prix de Rome). The award winner received the opportunity to study in Rome at the expense of the patron of the prize. Prudon traveled to the Peninsula for more than four years — in the years 1784-1789. Significant impression on the artist produced the work of Leonardo da Vinci and Antonio da Correggio.
Upon returning, Prudon settled in Paris, earning a living with drawings and miniatures. His first major Commission he received in 1798 — painted ceiling in the Palace of Saint-cloud (Saint-Cloud).
After coming to power of Napoleon a lot of work in the new yard, it is patronised by the Empress Josephine. However, the second wife of Napoleon, Marie-Louise Austrian ordered pictures Prudon.
The most significant works of the artist belonging to the XVIII — beginning of XIX century. Mostly the paintings on mythological and allegorical subjects, as well as the work of a didactic nature. In the work Prudon features of late classicism combined with grace and softness. However, in some works, he anticipates the mood inherent in the art of romanticism.
Prudon also designed furniture and interiors in the classical style.

Most famous works:
"Saint-Just" (1793). Lyon Museum of fine arts
"Madam Anthony with children" (1796). Lyon Museum of fine arts
"Wisdom and Truth descending upon earth" (1799). Paris, Louvre
"Triumph Of Bonaparte" (1800). Lyon Museum of fine arts
"Innocence preferring Love to Wealth" (1804). Saint Petersburg, Hermitage
"Portrait Of Josephine De Beauharnais" (1805). Paris, Louvre
"Diana begging Jupiter", painting the ceiling (1808). Paris, Louvre
"Psyche, carried by a marshmallow" (1808). Paris, Louvre
"Justice and Divine vengeance pursuing Crime" (1808). Paris, Louvre
"Portrait of the Empress Marie Louise" (1811). Paris, Louvre
"Madame Jarre" (1822). Paris, Louvre
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