Grigorievich Rusakov

born in 1992 • artist
Born in 1992 in the village of Klyuchi, Omsk Region. Since 2011 he lives and works in the city of Tara. In 2015 he graduated from the TF of OmGPU in the direction of "art education".
One of the founders and participants of the creative space "Art hut" Snowdrift ", currently reformed into the eponymous gallery.
The artist's works are in private collections in Russia, the Czech Republic, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, the Netherlands, the funds of the Tara Art Museum (THM, Tara) and the Museum of Street Art (StreetArtMuseum, St. Petersburg)

Personal exhibitions:
2018 - "Local Time" / Denis Rusakov, Alexander Rumyantsev / Museum of Art of Omsk / Omsk
2018 year - "Summer" / Sugrobgallery / Tara
2017 - Personal exhibition in the framework of the festival "Siberia Siberia" / gallery "Zahradník", Prague.
2017 - "Trip and real" / "Left leg", Omsk.
2016 - Tara Paradise / Tara Art Museum (TXM), Tara; 2017- Omsk State Drama Theater, Omsk.
2014 - "Continuation" / Tara Art Museum (TCM), Tara; Northern Drama Theater. MAUlyanova, Tara.
2012 - Denis Rusakov. From the series New Names / Tara Art Museum (THM), Tara.
Group exhibitions:
2018 - "Gifts for Christmas" / Totibadze gallery / Moscow
2018 - Provincial Biennale "City in the city", Tomsk
2018 - SumFair Contemporary Art Fair / Street Art Museum / St. Petersburg
2018 - "Local Time" / Museum "Art of Omsk" / Omsk
2018 "Native positive" / Left Leg Gallery / Omsk
2018 - "Peace, work, art, and where is May?" / Sugroballery, Tara
2018 - Exhibition 4x (Collective exhibition of artists of the Northern Dramatic Theater) / THM (Tara Art Museum)
2018 - "Snowdrift Life" / Snowdrift gallery ", Tara
2017 - Contemporary art fair "SAMFAIR" / StreetArtMuseum, St. Petersburg.
2017 - "Boldly comrades in the leg" (Report exhibition about the past and lived in the gallery "Left leg") / City Museum "Art of Omsk", Omsk.
2016 - "How to write 21?" Liberov Center, Omsk.
2016 year - Festival MOX (young Omsk artists) / KVTs Loft, Omsk.
2016 - “Imagined for three” (Anton Kupriyanov, Ivan Shatov, Denis Rusakov) / Tara Art Museum, Tara.
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