Zakharovich Zakharov

1816, the village of Dada-Yurt in the Terek region - 1846, Moscow
A Chechen by origin. Was Brought Up By P. N. By Ermolov, a cousin of A. P. Yermolov, commander of the 3rd brigade, 21st infantry division in Georgia. Presumably in the same year, sent to Moscow in the family of P. N. Yermolov. Entered on Wednesday of the Moscow intelligentsia. Between 1826 and for several years was engaged in the artist L. A. Volkov, apparently a portrait. In 1830 defined "outsiders" a disciple of the Imperial Academy of arts. From 1833 retired OPH. In 1835, for the painting "old Woman telling fortunes in the cards" in 1836 for the "head portrait" was awarded a small silver medals. In 1836 he received the title of class (free) artist. Lived in St. Petersburg, working under orders as a portrait painter, gave private lessons of painting. In 1840-1842 was on service in the war office as a draughtsman; he executed drawings of uniforms and weapons of Russian troops. In 1842 recognized as "designated" in academics. In 1843 for "Portrait of A. P. Yermolov" awarded the title of academician. From 1843 he lived in Moscow. Painter, draftsman. Portraitist, genre painter.
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