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Cruz Dees

Venezuela • born in 1923
Carlos Cruz-Diez (Carlos Cruz-Diez, 17 Aug 1923, Caracas, Venezuela) – Venezuelan artist who works in the styles of op art and kinetic art and is considered one of the major artistic innovators of the twentieth and early twenty-first century. In 17 years, Carlos decided he wanted to be an artist, and enrolled in the School of fine arts in Caracas. After graduation began working as a graphic designer and Illustrator while doing the painting. Academic works were very popular, but he wanted to create something completely new, and he decided to dedicate his work to the study of color. In 1955, Cruz-Diez traveled to Europe, where they happily discovered that his ideas were shared by many progressive artists. Their work in the new style the artist presented in a solo exhibition at Caracas, but the public did not accept them, and then Cruz-Diez with the family moved to Paris. Through his work he created a new discourse: color in space, devoid of form. Paintings of the artist reflect the ephemeral and mobile nature of color. For nearly 70 years of ongoing research, explorations and discoveries Cruz-Diez has remained loyal to his ideas and continues to work, even surpassing the 90-year milestone.
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