Jesus Rafael

France • 1923−2005
Jesús Rafael Soto (Jesús Rafael Soto, June 5, 1923, Ciudad bolívar, Venezuela – January 14, 2005, Paris, France) Venezuelan sculptor and painter, who worked in the styles of op art and kinetic art. Soto was the son of a violinist and initially wanted to pursue music, but pretty soon realized that he was more attracted to visual arts. With 16 years he painted posters for movie theaters in his hometown and then completed her professional education in Caracas. In 1950, Soto was awarded the state grant for a trip to France and decided to settle in Paris. The flowering of Soto's career came in the mid-60s, his many unique sculptures exhibited throughout Europe, making him one of the most prominent figures in optical and kinetic art. The main feature of Soto's work was the careful selection of colors and illusory motion effect, which occurred when the viewer passed by the sculpture.
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