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France • Cannes • born in 1973 • artist, art connoisseur
Dear friend! You cannot describe everything in a nutshell, so I invite you to read about my creative path of the artist on my site here http://www.viktoria-latka.com/moya-istoriya/

Additionally, I inserted a clipping from an article in the magazine "MONACO and LAZURNY BEACH" 2016

What can affect the mood, well-being and even the image
life in general? You may not have thought about it before, but the artistically designed interior of your house, color and style will affect these factors. Victoria Latka, artist from
Kann is absolutely convinced of this. After all, decorated and hand-painted furniture, a correctly selected painting or art painting on the wall delight the eye every day, improving mood and even changing a lot in everyday life.

Imagine that a custom-made chest of drawers, a table, or bookshelves will be unique items in your home. And the artist’s creative approach confirms this. Bedroom, decorated in the same artistic style
or a children's room with painted niches and arches ... Or maybe you like Japanese style? Here, too, there is a flight of fancy. Glass paintings pasted on canvas will give a special charm to your interior.

The artist Victoria Latka works and develops her creative activity in the direction of decorative painting and painting, individually making out and reincarnating the corners of our house. She studied decorative art at the private school of Art Dec in Nice and is constantly improving, adding to the "piggy bank of knowledge."

Successfully used in practice, creative experience and knowledge expand the possibilities of decorating different surfaces. Victoria Latka draws tremendous energy in creating new, interesting works and puts her whole soul into them. After all, energy forms energy! A new creative ideas allow you to come to light new subjects on canvas, wall, transforming furniture or cold glass.

As for any creative person, Victoria is just as important to expand the horizons of creativity and achieve its goals. “From nature, I am curious and curious, always looking for something new in personal development, trying to reach the heights of excellence,” says Victoria Latka. - A lot of people are fond of creativity and painting, they like to dive into the fascinating creative process, thus saving themselves from everyday life and the routine of life.

It was for them that I created master classes in a video format that are accessible to everyone. Anyone can try his hand at decorative painting and painting, and even those who have never taken brushes and paints in their hands before. My video tutorials lasting 5–7 hours are built on a high-quality image and are provided with clear explanations. People often ignore the form of training in video format, and in vain! This is one of the best ways to learn in our modern world. Yes, and absorption improves at times! I wanted to — I stopped, I wanted — I looked at the repetition, but I wanted to — I set aside a lesson for a few days.

I myself often use training in a video format. You ask why? For example, my teacher lives in America or Japan, and virtual workshops can reduce huge distances and time. By the way, my students live in Australia, Europe, there are many of them in Russia and Ukraine. I am sure that we live in the best of times, where there is a computer, as well as online training and lessons in video format. ”

Victoria Latka - an active participant in exhibitions in the south of France, participated in the collective work of the artist-decorators for art painting and gilding with a bottle in the villa of the King of Qatar in Cannes. Participant of the collective exhibition "Oasis" in Japan. The author of master classes aimed at the discovery of internal reserves, improving health and mood.

On the artist's website www.viktoria-latka.com, you can get acquainted with examples of works on decorating and painting furniture and walls, painting on glass and imitating stained glass windows, as well as looking at decorative paintings on canvas and glass.
All this can be used in your home, thanks to which
he will be beautiful and creative!

Live in the world of beauty and you will always be in a great mood.
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