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Jose Rodriguez
Biography and information
Born in 1985. Young Spanish artist. Jose is an artist not only by education, but also by vocation. Parents insisted on a technical specialty, and Jose graduated from the Grado Engineering Faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. However, just a fascination with painting turned into something more. According to Jose’s assurances, his first education greatly helps him in creating pictures about technology and sports. At the moment, Jose completed the masterpropio program in the field of art. The artist’s works are in private collections in Russia and abroad. He is fond of active sports, which is reflected in his paintings.
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    Jose Rodriguez. "Horses N1"
    35,500.00 ₽
    Jose Rodriguez. Fire bullfight
    14,500.00 ₽
    Jose Rodriguez. "Bullfight. Bullfighter and the bull"
    14,500.00 ₽
    "Bullfight. Bullfighter and the bull"
    Jose Rodriguez
    2019-2019, 50×50×3 cm
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    2016, 60×60 cm
    2015, 40×40 cm
    14,500.00 ₽
    7,500.00 ₽
    2019, 50×50×50 cm
    4,500.00 ₽
    2019, 20×30×30 cm
    9,500.00 ₽
    24,500.00 ₽
    2019, 60×90×90 cm
    2019, 60×90×3 cm
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