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Michael Lychkoўskі

born in 1956
Andrey Mikhailovich Lychkovsky was born in the village of Yershi of the Uzda district of Minsk region on January 10, 1956. He has a higher art education. He has studied at the Moscow National University of Arts. Krupskaya (Department of easel painting and graphics) and the Belarusian State Pedagogical University. Maxim Tank in Minsk in the specialty “Fine Arts”.
Artist. Teacher.
Works in high school number 2, the Uzda teacher of drawing.
He has a family, children are also engaged in art.
The painter Andrey Lychkovsky works in oil, mainly in the genre of landscape, still life. The artist spends all his free time on sketches. A favorite theme of creativity was the nature of his native land. And indeed, each of his paintings becomes a confirmation that the nature of Belarus is picturesque, and autumn is the brightest season of the year. Autumn theme is traced from picture to picture. His paintings are distinguished by their pure, saturated colors in a pasty, expressive manner.
The coloring is very bright, unusual and recognizable. Rich in color, oil landscapes are dedicated to small rivers, old trees, paths in the field and other motifs. Andrey Lychkovsky can revive them and arouse the admiration of the audience thanks to his great inspiration, love for his native places and feelings of the inexhaustible color palette. The nature of Uzda is very generous in paint, but not only is this land famous for its nature. It is also important that 21 writers of the Writers' Union, 11 academicians of the Academy of Sciences, 28 professors and doctors of science, 14 members of the Union of Artists were born here and glorified this land.
Andrey Lychkovsky is an experienced teacher. He works exclusively in the open air in Minsk region, from early spring to late autumn. The colorful Uzden surroundings are his real creative workshop for not only the warmest open-air months. Behind him, he pulls his young students and his Minsk colleagues, who admire the clean air of Uzda and their inexhaustible landscape motifs. Andrei Mikhailovich over the past few years has passed a great creative evolution from free landscape interpretation to more developed landscape motifs with a meaningful figurative and symbolic characteristic.
Since 1986 participates in republican, regional (Brest, Grodno, Minsk) exhibitions.
The artist's works are in state museums and galleries of Belarusian cities. Andrey Lychkovsky over the past two years is the organizer of numerous author and group art exhibitions.
2012 - “Batskaushchyna” (Kletsk, Museum of the History of Kletchina);
- “Krasavanna Spadchyny” (Nesvizh, local history museum);
2013 - “Nemansk Perasooniki” (Soligorsk Museum of Local Lore);
- “Hell Neman da Lani” (Kletsk, Museum of the History of Kletchiny);
- “Z-pad of the ў Nemanskys outflow” (Uzda, local history museum) and many others.
The artist has already managed to visit different cities of Belarus. The artist believes that you can not sit in one place. It is necessary to involve in cooperation as many talented and active people as possible, for whom the idea of ​​the cultural flourishing of Belarus is relevant, constantly set new creative tasks.
The amazing nature of Belarus is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creativity, and the museum is a house where beauty lives, creative life is in full swing. Each person can extend his state of happiness, come to the museum, touch his soul to the beautiful, feel the harmony, reflect on the eternal.
And so it will be always, as long as humanity strives for the sublime, to understand art, to preserve it for posterity, for art is eternal, beauty that will save the world is eternal!
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