Belarus • Minsk • born in 1989 • artist
Born 11/28/1989

2007-2012 GIUST BSU (design of the subject-spatial environment)

Artist and graphic designer. My painting is close to naive and intuitive, sometimes expressive, sometimes calm and quiet. It is always a moment, an experiment and magic, exciting, to some extent uncontrollable, but very fascinating process. For me it is still a mystery, where from in the picture there appear certain images and plots, where I am, and where is the case. I love mixed technology and non-standard materials. In my work I strive to be as honest with myself and sincere with the audience as possible.


2016- exhibition project "To be like me" (gallery of modern art "Ў")

2017- “I am Monet I Shishkin I am Malevich”

2017- Belarus Art Week (2nd place in the category "Naive Art")

2017- International art art project “Under the White Wings Peaceful Sky” (Cagliari, Italy)

2017- Personal exhibition and creative evening "Dreams in Pink" (Laško, Slovenia)

2018- “I am Monet I am Shishkin I am Malevich

2018- Personal exhibition in the art-center "Sinitsa" (Minsk, Belarus)

2018- Collective exhibition in the gallery "Romanov Dvor" (Moscow)

My works are in private collections in Germany, Austria, Poland, USA, Italy, Malta, Greece, Russia, Belarus.
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