Vladimirovich Dementiev


Biography and information

Vadim Vladimirovich Dementiev, a famous master of modern landscape painting, was born in Moscow in 1941. Received an art education under the guidance of artists-teachers A.N. Ivanov, N.A. Slavnova, A.G. Sukiasyan, G.K. Kravchenko and S.A. Chuikova. Creating and improving his creative method, Dementiev walked the path of mastering the artistic heritage of the old masters, studying in detail and in-depth the techniques and technology of world landscape art.
The first exhibition of paintings by Dementieva took place in 1963. The works displayed on it aroused the most lively interest of the audience and attracted the attention of famous critics and art historians. Academicians P.D. warmly speak about his works. Korin and S.A. Chuikov. There are reviews in newspapers and magazines.
S.A. Chuykov, D.D. Zhilinsky and V.E. Popkov give a recommendation to the Union of Artists, of which V.V. Dementiev becomes in 1969. In the future, he actively participates in all-union, republican, zonal, Moscow and international exhibitions. Works Dementieva cause sincere interest and genuine admiration of many viewers. Famous art historians write articles about his work - V.S. Manin, A.I. Morozov, M.N. Sokolov, A.I. Rozhin, V.A. Lebedev, I.N. Filonovich, O.R. Nikulin, A.N. Korzukhin, M.T. Kuzmina and many others. The work of V. Dementieva is a unique blend of traditional landscape realism with the dramatic search of our turbulent century. With great love and insight, he creates exciting images of the native Central Russian nature. The artist's works are permeated with almost magical light, captivating the viewer with the subtlest nuances of form, filigree pattern. His painting is airy and reverent, associative.
A significant place in the artist's work takes the urban landscape. With great skill and inspiration, he reveals the life of the dear corners of his native city. In the paintings “Savelevsky Lane”, “Cloudy Day. Moscow Yard ”and others V. Dementiev depicts old Moscow. With all the thoroughness of the letter, the painting of Dementieva captivates with diversity, breadth and sincerity.
His works “Topol on the hill”, “Little Ordynka”, “Vetly” were acquired by the State Tretyakov Gallery.
Pictures “Cloudy day. Moscow Yard ”and“ Autumn Grove ”- by the State Russian Museum.
The artist's works are also in art galleries in Tyumen, Gorno-Altaisk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kurgan and other cities of Russia.
Pictures Dementieva are: in the Ludwig Museum (Cologne, Germany), in the gallery Gekko (Japan).
In the Russian embassies in the USA, Holland, Bulgaria.
In private collections in the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland, Poland, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Finland and other countries.
Many paintings reproduced in books, magazines, newspapers, postcards.