Biography and information

Albin Brunovsky (December 25, 1935, Zohor, Slovakia - January 20, 1997, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) - Slovak graphic artist, painter, book illustrator.

Features of the artist Albin Brunovsky: The artist graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Bratislava, and later studied at the Graduate School of Fine Arts (1956 - 1961) under Professor Vincent Hlozdnik. Art critics refer the work of Albin Brunovsky to late surrealism.

In the works of Brunovsky, nature and people are interconnected, flow into each other, and amazing detailing makes you reach for a magnifying glass so as not to miss a single line. The artist was inspired by femininity and energy, sin and innocence, he generously seasoned his works with fantasies that organically intertwined with reality. Brunovsky, perhaps, tried all the graphic materials and techniques: he worked with stone carving and chalk lithography, used mezzo tinto techniques and dry needles, worked with etchings and engravings, and also wrote various materials on walnut boards. In the drawings Albin Brunovsky very often used the techniques of symmetrical images, to balance and harmonious construction of elements. Medieval art and the Renaissance influenced his work.

1966 - Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Bratislava.
1980 - Honored Artist of Czechoslovakia.
1981 - received the title of professor, headed the department of applied art and literary graphics.
1985 - People's Artist of Czechoslovakia.
1989 - Dean of the Graduate School of Fine Arts in Bratislava.

Albin Brunovsky spent more than a hundred personal exhibitions in Europe, in Japan and the United States. The artist received international recognition and was awarded more than 20 international and national awards, including the Golden Medal of the Biennale of Illustration in Bratislava (1967) for the illustrations to the fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” by H. C. Andersen, the Golden Apple of the Biennale of illustration in Bratislava (1977, 1981) . Albin Brunovsky also created the design of Czechoslovak banknotes of the latest issue.

Famous works of the artist Albin Brunovsky: cycles of works "Bella Italia" I-XVIII, "Lady in a Hat" I-IX, “Praise to freakish dreams” I-IX, works "The Temptation of St. Anthony", "Music", "Thank. We are good "," Susanna. "