Jean Tangley


Biography and information

Jean Tangley (fr. Jean Tinguely, May 22, 1925, Friborg, Switzerland - August 30, 1991, Bern, Switzerland) - Swiss sculptor, members of the French art group "New Realism", the most consistent and faithful representative of the direction of kinetic art.

Features of the work of the sculptor Jean Tangley: Tangli began to assemble sculptures made from scrap metal, wooden parts and equipped with electric motors in the 1950s - and only the scale of his work changed over time. Already in the 1960s, he assembled huge mechanisms that they themselves drew, beat bottles, creaked, rotated. He carried out large-scale orders: multi-meter city sculptures and fountains, bizarre mechanical metal monsters and entire buildings, inside which you could enter and with which you could interact. Most of his monumental works still adorn squares and parks. The sculpture “Dedication to New York” made the famous Tengli, which in its intended form lasted only a few hours - and then, during the performance exhibition, it destroyed and burned itself.
Tengli performed many works together with the sculptor Nicky de Saint-Fall, who was his wife - in this tandem amazing contrasting solutions were born: bright, joyful, naive figures of women and animals Saint-Fall against engineering monsters of Tengley.

Famous works of Jean Tangley: "Dedication to New York"Cyclops "Fata Morgana", Meta Kandinsky.