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United Kingdom • 1922−2011
Richard Hamilton (eng. Richard William Hamilton; February 24, 1922, London, UK - September 13, 2011, London, UK) - British artist and collage artist, one of the founders of the artistic movement pop Art. In his works on the American consumer society, Hamilton laid the foundation for pop art, defined its goals and ideals. He was born in a family from the working class, but from childhood he was passionate about drawing. At the age of 12, he began to attend evening courses, and at the age of 16 he was accepted to the Royal Academy of Arts. Education had to be interrupted due to the outbreak of World War II. In the early 1950s, Hamilton became a member of the Independent Group and met Eduardo Paolozzi, who showed him his first collages based on advertisements from American magazines. From these works the iconography of pop art began to emerge. Hamilton taught at various educational institutions in Britain, including the Royal Academy.

Features of the work of the artist Richard Hamilton: pop art was for him not so much an artistic movement as a lifestyle. This meant a complete immersion in pop culture: television, cinema, magazines and music. All these elements are reflected in the work of Hamilton. In his collages, he uses clippings from American magazines, cluttering up the space so much that the work turns into a parody. In later years, Hamilton experimented with new techniques, using computers and television to create his works.

Famous works of Richard Hamilton: «So what makes our homes today so different, so attractive? ”Self Portrait "Interior II",Chrysler Corporation Homage.

Author: Evgenia Sidelnikova
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