Netherlands • born in XX century

Biography and information

Frans Snyders (Franz Snyders, found a variant of Frans Snijders; 1579 — 19 August 1657, Antwerp) — Flemish painter, master of still lifes and animalistic compositions in the Baroque style.

Frans was born in the family of a wealthy burgher of Antwerp in the autumn of 1579 (baptised 11 November). In his youth he studied with Pieter Brueghel the Younger and Hendrik van Balena (first teacher of van Dyck). He was married to a sister of the brotherhood of painters Cornelis and Paul de Vos.

At first, the main theme of creativity of the Snyders were still lifes, in the future, he began to take a greater interest in animal subjects and hunting scenes. The skill of the Snyders appreciated Peter Paul Rubens, 1613 invited him to collaborate to work on images of animals. However, the Snyders did not like to portray people according to reports, the human figures in his paintings wrote Jacob Jordaens, Abraham Janssens and other masters.

In 1608-1609 G. Snyders worked in Italy, later lived in his native Antwerp.

In 1619 the Snyders was elected a member of the Antwerp of the brotherhood of novelists, and in 1628, his Dean. For the later period his work is characterized by monumental canvases, always enjoyed great popularity among customers. He created a huge decorative cloth, in particular, decorated the dining room in the Palace of the Bishop of Bruges, the famous patron Antonius Triest. In addition, the Snyders was appointed principal painter to the Duke albert, Governor of the Netherlands.

The artist died in Antwerp on 19 August 1657