Jose David
Alfaro Siqueiros

Mexico • born in XX century
Mexican artist Siqueiros Jose David (1896-1974) is one of the most famous painters, graphic artists and moralists of his country.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Mexico City, took part in a student strike against the order in the institution. He studied at the art school of Santa Anita. In 1911, he participated in the Civil War on the side of the constitutionalists. He served as an officer in the army of V. Carranza.
In the period 1919-1922. lived in France, Spain. In 1932 he moved to the USA, where he worked for four years - he decorated the facades of various buildings with murals.
As an officer of the Republican Army, he took part in the Spanish Civil War (1937-1939). Repeatedly visited Moscow. In the spring of 1940 he participated in the assassination attempt on Trotsky.

Master's work

Names of the famous paintings of Jose David Siqueiros:
• “Proletarian mother”;
• “Portrait of J. Gershwin”;
• “Accident in the mine”;
• “New Democracy” and others.
The works of Jose David Siqueiros are the best evidence that a major painter is, above all, an exponent of great social thought, great ideas. Incredible paintings of the artist made him one of the greatest masters of his country. The works of H. D. Siqueiros and their names were known to many of his colleagues and ordinary people.
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