Charles Burton

United Kingdom • 1845−1894
Charles Burton Barber (eng. Charles Burton Barber; 1845, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk County - 1894, London) - British animal painter, who was extremely popular in life: wealthy people gladly ordered him to paint portraits of their children and pets, and Barber did not forget to pay attention to interiors, lovingly furnished. Even Queen Victoria was an admirer of Barber - as a result, he had the honor to write her grandchildren, her favorite animals and her, as well as the pets of the future King Edward VII.

Features of the artist Charles Burton Barber: Barber is primarily an animal painter; in his paintings one can study dog breeds (and draw conclusions about which were especially popular in the second half of the 19th century among wealthy British families). But he is also an excellent psychologist and storyteller, because he most often solves portraits of children and animals in the form of funny and cute genre scenes. Barber endows animals with human emotions, thoughts, behavior, which is why he often turns out to be even more interesting than people. Of course, critics blamed Barber for being overly sentimental and for being too keen on prettiness and portraying perfect England, closing his eyes to the problems of the real world.

Famous paintings by Charles Burton Barber: "Queen Victoria's Cat and Dogs", "Queen Victoria and her servant John Brown", "To school".

Author: Alena Grosheva
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