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1895, 91×109 cm • Oil, Canvas

Description of the artwork «Vampire»

The original name of the picture "Love and pain" - much thinner reflects her mood. "Vampire" sounds like a death sentence. The author of this later names a friend of the artist Stanislav Przybyszewski. In fact, the painting lives a more difficult life.

It is impossible to tell about the story element of the film, and it is illogical in relation to the Munch. No matter what there relations are depicted a man and a woman, it is important to stay with them the entire spectrum of opposing, conflicting and difficult emotions: despair, fear, delight, pity, tenderness, absorption, saturation and so on to infinity.

"Vampire" as most of the paintings by Munch, is part of the huge "frieze of life" and responds in this Symphony for a very intimate facets of human existence. Munch was always sure that a woman drains a man, deprives him of the inner strength and freedom. No whirlwind romance couldn't convince him otherwise. This love experiences occupy a Central place in "the Frieze of life."

Versions of the painting the artist left enough so she has time to visit private collections and renowned auction, and in public museums and in the hands of kidnappers.

In 1988, the painting was stolen from the Munch Museum, and one of the kidnappers also came under serious influence of the Norwegian genius. Six months later, the "Vampire" was found, the kidnapper Fell Anger was thrown into jail, but he was not satisfied, and 8 years later again came for the Munch, just for now "Shout" in the National gallery.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork
Subject and objects: Fantasy, Mythological scene
Style of art and technique: Expressionism, Oil

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