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French painter. Studied, using the advice of K. Troyon and J. F. Mille. In 1848 he studied in Belgium, the Flemish and Dutch landscape. Poetic landscapes B. (mainly coast of Brittany and Normandy, often with people on the beach), with a thin fixing of air, moving clouds and waves, directly preceded the picturesque quest pioneers of impressionism.

Boudin was born July 12, 1824 in Honfleur, the old port town in Normandy. Studied painting in Le Havre, then in Paris with the famous seascape painter Eugene Isabey. The most part of his life Will be lived in the North of France, visited Belgium, Holland, and Italy.

Special education of the artist is not received. The advice Gramilla, Struino, Tsetura. On the formation of his creative style influenced by paintings Ionkina. Was the first teacher Clone in Le Havre and had a great influence on the formation of his painting method.

Early work Buden are bright scenes fashionable resort-filled life in the impressionist manner. Later works — mainly seascapes without images of people. In landscapes with views of harbors he managed to convey the state of the sky, anxious before the storm, or clear and clean; the sea is written in broad strokes and filled with lots of different ships with complex tooling. Although the artist did not consider himself an impressionist, he participated in the first impressionist exhibition, held in 1874. Poetic work Abudema permeated moist silver air and moving flickering light, had a great influence on the work of many of the French Impressionists. In 1860−1870's. creates the best of his works ("the Harbour and shipyard in Trouville", 1863, the national gallery of art, Washington; "they Say in Deauville", 1869; "Views of the Antwerp port, 1872; "Port Bordeaux, 1874 — all in the Louvre, Paris). Peculiar brand of creativity Abudema serve its "beach" songs feature is muted colors and quick impulsive smear ("Crinolines on the beach in Trouville", 1869, private collection, Paris; "the Woman in white on the beach in Trouville", 1869, the Museum of fine arts in Le Havre; "the Beach in Trouville", 1871, the Pushkin Museum, Moscow; "On the beach", the beginning of the 1890s, the Hermitage, St. Petersburg).

Recognition came to him when he was already terminally ill. In 1892 Boudin was awarded the Legion of Honor. Died Boudin in Deauville 8 August 1898.

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Eugene Boudin. Honfleur - The harbour
Honfleur - The harbour
Eugene Boudin
1896, 25×46 cm
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The Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza offers visitors to discover the relationship between the great Impressionist painter Claude Monet and his teacher Eugène Boudin, the most important representative of mid-19th-century French plein air painting, in its monographic exhibition  Monet / Boudin.  Who knows who Claude Monet would have become if not Eugene Boudin. This is the first opportunity to…
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Eugene Boudin. The beach at Trouville
The beach at Trouville
1893, 56×91 cm
Eugene Boudin. The beach at Villerville
The beach at Villerville
1864, 45.7×76.3 cm
Eugene Boudin. The Atlantic coast near Benerville
The Atlantic coast near Benerville
1897, 54×89 cm
Eugene Boudin. The Piazza San Marco in Venice
The Piazza San Marco in Venice
1895, 21×38 cm
Eugene Boudin. The fishing harbour
The fishing harbour
1874, 54.5×88.5 cm
Eugene Boudin. They say in Deauville
They say in Deauville
1869, 23×32 cm
Eugene Boudin. The beach at Trouville
The beach at Trouville
1868, 29×48 cm
Eugene Boudin. The beach at Trouville
The beach at Trouville
1864, 24×47 cm
Eugene Boudin. Empress Eugenie on the coast of Trouville
Empress Eugenie on the coast of Trouville
1863, 34.5×57 cm
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