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Pinaps Toulouse-Lautrec and celebrities

Exhibition October 6, 2018 − January 20, 2019
“Pin-ups. Toulouse-Lautrec and celebrities "- The first exhibition in the National Galleries of Scotland, dedicated to the art of the famous Frenchman Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901).

Paris at the end of the 19th century became famous as the “city of pleasures”, famous for its cabaret, dance halls and cafes. The most famous of these were the nightclubs of the bohemian Montmartre district, where Toulouse-Lautrec lived and worked. The exhibition presents his lithographic posters, portfolios and illustrations depicting such stars as Yvette Guilbert, Jane Avril and Aristide Brian. Toulouse-Lautrec's career coincided with a revolutionary moment in the history of Western engraving - the development of poster as a means of mass marketing, and lithography and poster became the center of his first experiments.

Viewers are presented about 75 works by Toulouse-Lautrec and his contemporaries, including Pierre Bonnard, Theophile-Alexander Steinlen and Jules Shere. They are complemented by works of the British - Walter Sickert, Arthur Melville, John Ferguson and William Nicholson.