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Zeng Fanzhi. In a studio

Exhibition October 2 − November 10, 2018
Exhibition“Zeng Fanzhi. In a studio" conceived as a single exhibition at once in three galleries of Hauser & Wirth - in Zurich, London and Hong Kong. The unifying theme for them was the study of the possibilities of painting in the modern era, of interest to the artist. The exhibition reflects a multi-level approach, since it works simultaneously on several series.

The London exhibition focuses on portraits painted over the past 30 years. His approach to this genre evolved from the early paintings of the Mask series in the 1990s to images of cult personalities - Lucien Freud, Francis Bacon and Victor Hugo - created in recent years. For the first time in decades, Zeng Fanzhi returns to a self-portrait, depicting himself with his head bowed. So he conveys the meditative and repetitive nature of the processes inherent in his creative work.