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Nyssa. Horizon

Exhibition September 14, 2018 − January 27, 2019
The Institute of Russian Realistic Art presents an exhibition “Nyssa. Horizon". This retrospective exhibition has become the largest project dedicated to George of Nyssa in Russia.

George G. Nyssky (January 8 (21) 1903 - June 18, 1987) - academician of painting, laureate of state prize, champion of Moscow in sailing, favorite Soviet artist of French classic Albert Marquet, as well as a traveler and an incurable romantic.

Georgy Nyssky's works will be recognized instantly, because they capture the lifestyle of their author - an athlete, a sea wolf and a rebel. He created charged speeds of the web, cutting the classic Russian landscape with ribbons of railways and highways, infecting the viewer with his tirelessness and energy. A distinctive feature of his canvases is an unusually low horizon, which imparts endless space to the artist’s compositions, free for the movement of trains, airplanes and ships.

The exposition not only introduces the audience to the best works of the artist, but also tells about the formation of the style of Nyssa with the help of the masterpieces of his idols Arkady Rylov, Pyotr Konchalovsky, Nikolai Roerich, Alexander Deineka and others. Another section of the exhibition is dedicated to the followers of the artist.

The exhibition is attended by works from collections The State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Russian Museum, more than 20 of the largest Russian regional art museums and private collections.

The exhibition included a large amount of documentary materials. Almost all of them are presented for the first time, including specialists.

Based on the materials of the official site Institute of Russian Realistic Artand site moda.ru.