Exhibition of paintings and graphics of BENJAMIN ZAKHAROV-HOLM "ART, PREISSPANNE FORCE" from private collections

Exhibition January 23 − February 14, 2015
In the beginning of 2015 Magnitogorsk spectators and guests of the city will have the FIRST opportunity to see the exhibition of paintings and drawings FROM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS "ART, PIISPANEN FORCE" the oldest Magnitogorsk artist with a unique and powerful gift of the artist, the master of prints, book Illustrator, painter, colorist and muralist BENJAMIN I. ZAKHAROV-KHOLMSK (1930-2011). Graduated from the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named. I. E. Repin (1962), member of the artists Union of Russia (since 1971), an active participant of city, regional, zonal, Republican, all-Union and international exhibitions, Veniamin Ivanovich more than 30 years he lived and worked in the city of metallurgists. Production theme-town for almost twenty years was one of the main directions of his artistic activity. All in all, throughout a long life he wrote more than 700 works in different genres and techniques.

He was the artist is constantly developing, persistently seeking their way in art. The desire to comply with the time, modern rhythm of life led to his bold experiments in the field of visual language. In the infinite creative research he was able to create its own Autonomous plastic and color UNIVERSE in which he freely and easily worked in all genres (landscape, still life, portrait, thematic picture). He was able to find some organic alloy, converted them into a new painting system, which became his creative style. Complex and controversial art world masters was founded on the principles of research and innovation. Province as always in art adheres to the traditions and wary of any innovations. Despite this, in the artistic environment of the city and far beyond, were and are true admirers of his talent, including among Magnitogorsk collectors. Thanks to their efforts, enthusiasm and empathy became possible to organize an exhibition, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of talented artists.

Veniamin Ivanovich easy "mastered" the Museum space city picture gallery. His personal exhibitions of the late 90's, the first decade of the 21st century has always been great event in the cultural life of the city: an exhibition of paintings and drawings (1994), exhibition of paintings (1998), the exhibition of paintings "When the Sun was God" (2000), dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the author, exhibition of painting and drawing (2005), software painting exhibition "From Suprematism to Leonardo da Vinci" (2009), who, unfortunately, the last... paintings by the artist, as always, difficult to understand the ordinary spectator, educated at realistic art, however, no one could remain indifferent. There is a simple explanation - a huge attractive force of his art. It was amazing ability to convey his admiration for the beauty of the world, to capture this experience of the viewer and make him engaged in creative discovery and transformation of the surrounding reality. In his painting finds a unique realization of the synthesis of poetry and accurate knowledge, love attention to "real life" and the attainment of the universal laws of existence of forms in space and time. Without real and direct communication with nature, according to masters, "the work of art will remain stillborn". This was the main feature of the artistic thinking of the painter.

Exhibition of works by Benjamin Zakharov-Kholmsk from private collections will give to all lovers of fine art the joy of a new meeting talented and extraordinary wizard, the opportunity to see the works, many of which have never been exhibited. The artist is no longer with us, but the memory of him alive.

Magnitogorsk art gallery, Ul. them. the newspaper "Pravda", 12.
Apply for information: 26-02-48, 26-01-70.
The exhibition dates: 24 January-14 February 2015
Cost: 100 rubles(adults), 50 rubles (students, pensioners), 30 rubles (high school), 20 rubles (children 5 years).
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