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"Birth of vertical"

Exhibition March 17 − April 17, 2016
Personal exhibition of Francisco Infante "Birth of vertical", on the one hand, fits well in the trendy format of history, in the popular current trend of various "reconstructions". But this is only the formal aspect of this exhibition focused on works created by the author in the period from 1962 to 1965.
The dominant feature of the exposition will be even not only works, but also the process of their occurrence, documented in numerous sketches made by young Francisco on the leaves of an ordinary school notebook. It was the beginning. And zarisovyval not the world, that would be fine in terms of those years. Was zarisovyval the world of ideas, alluring innermost being, its structure, its language, its metaphor. "Birth of vertical" - this is the Genesis of the system, its birth, what was realized and were formulated in subsequent years. But the usefulness may be the first "enlightenment", his momentum and the absolute value of opened already.
Galleries at the exhibition