Marian Bagnius. The strings of my heart

Exhibition October 25 − December 1, 2018
In Khust art gallery is a personal exhibition of Mariana Bagnia "The strings of my heart, Which included 95 canvases created in the last 15 - 17 years. The exhibition is interesting thematic content, striking in color and creative, thoughtful composition of works. “I selected paintings in such a way as to maximally present various areas in my work, admiration, series, and demonstrate a certain professional level,” the author said about the exhibition

Maryan Bagniy was born in the Lviv region in 1947. He graduated from the Stryi art vocational school according to the “Artistic forging” profile, studied at the Mirgorod ceramic technical school. Upon completion of the training, the young artist was sent to work at the Khust Ceramic Factory. He is currently a freelance artist. Participant of regional, regional and foreign exhibitions. He actively worked in the open air in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland.