Bellini plus. Research and restoration

Exhibition October 14, 2018 − July 21, 2019
Old Masters Gallery in Berlin dedicatedstudio exhibition a group of paintings by father and son Jacopo and Giovanni Bellini, their workshops and followers, whose works have hardly been shown before. These forgotten treasures, some of which languished in the museum repository after World War II, are shown along with the results of new research and restorations.

Works in the exhibition have undergone many changes. Some were originally part of a larger ensemble, altar, or room decor; some were damaged or trimmed, altered or repainted, damaged due to climatic conditions or over time.

None of the paintings in the exhibition was the same as that which came out of the artist’s studio 500 years ago. Thanks to X-ray and other studies, it is now possible to learn a great deal about the processes of creating paintings — right up to the preparation of scaffolds and the underpainting. Analyzing the colorful layers and documents, the experts revealed unusual stories of the works.