Hlebzawod Аrt Prize

Exhibition December 9, 2018
On 14th of December at 7:00 PM, “Hlebzawod Art Prize” exhibition will be opened. The shortlist was formed from more than 58 applications, in the best traditions of Ukrainian nepotism by the fairest and unbiased jury. The selection was made according to the karmic principle. The priority have been given to artists who related to us best. The competition was aimed to identify and reward (with medals) Hlebzawod’s best friends

. Hlebzawod Art Prize short-list: Misha Alekseenko, Oleg Kharch (Kharchenko), Anna Anufrieva, Olga Boboshko, Prinik Bondarenko, Evgeniy Valyuk, Nastya Didenko, Alexander Prytulo, Taisiya Melnyk, Anastasiya Telichuk, Slava Kuzmich, Yevhen Stein, Ilya Chulochnikov , Spartak Khachanov, Vitaliy Svyatets, Anton Saenko, Ivan Gorbko, Yegor Antsigin, Korshunov Evgen and "Atilla and friends".

Invited guest: Ute Kilter

Exhibition visits are possible since 14th till 21th of December. Address: 65 Kirilivska st. (Contemporary art center “Hlebzawod”). Visit after opening only by appointment. More information: (063) 02 83 501.
Galleries at the exhibition