Winslow Homer: Photography and the Art of Painting

Exhibition November 16, 2018 − February 17, 2019
Brandywine River Museum presents an exhibition Winslow Homer: Photography and the Art of Painting. The exhibition explores the role that photography has played in the emerging artistic practice of Homer.

During the civil war, as a young artist, Homer used photographs as source material for some of his drawings. For example, the famous photograph of Alexander Gardner, dedicated to the first inauguration of Lincoln, gave Homer the graphic information necessary for drawing up his own detailed idea of the event. In the pictures of the civil war, graphic war photography helped the artist to think more deeply about what he saw and how to combine personal perception with a wide range of external sources of information to create a composition.

Exhibits for the exhibition extracted from the store Bowdoin College Museum of Artfrom Homer’s art and archive materials, and from more than twenty major museum institutions, including Addison's American Art Galleries, Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design,Museum of American Art New Britain and Wadsworth Atheneum.

The exhibition features about fifty photographs created or collected by Homer, and about fifty paintings, prints, watercolors and drawings from all major periods of the artist’s career.

Based on the materials of the official site Brandywine River Museum.