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Exhibition"Pure Rubens" in the Boothmans Rotterdam Museum - Van Beuningen has become the largest review of oil sketches by a Baroque master in 65 years. The institution has one of the largest collections of such works in the world. The institute has teamed up with another major owner of Rubens sketches - the National Prado Museum in Madrid, to bring together these works, which demonstrate the artist’s hand and reveal his temperament.

The exhibition "Pure Rubens" occupies 1500 square meters. meters Sketches from Rotterdam and Madrid are complemented by works rented around the world, including works from the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, the National Gallery in London and Louvre in Paris. A total of 68 of the most beautiful sketches, a number of large paintings, drawings and a huge tapestry are exhibited in Rotterdam.
1615, 73.6×105.4 cm
Start XVII centuries, 31.5×32 cm
1638, 182×113 cm
Start XVII centuries, 18.9×13.7 cm
Все работы на выставке